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About Graf's Naturprodukte GmbH

The "Graf's Naturprodukte GmbH" is your expert in spice extracts and plant concentrates. We don't produce anything we wouldn't also serve our children and friends for consumption.

We offer you anything relating to garlic and onion, but also products, which are produced the most gentle way and turned into pastes, puree and specialities or organic goods. In our broad range of goods you will find a wide variety of products from classic and traditional products through eccentric up to very special goods, which will turn your products into specialities.

Garlic pastes – fried onions – spice pastes – concentrated juices – spice extracts: the combination of best quality, traditional work and responsible acting ensures our and your success!

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  • Onion

    The onion is a fixed part of the local cuisine for most people. No wonder, with its pungent and rich taste. Our range of onion products is as complex as the plant itself. Starting with the onion paste, fried onions, concentrates and extracts up to the crunchions, everything is included.

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  • Garlic

    Garlic - spicy, intense and very healthy: Lovers of the intensely fragrant leek plant will find their money's worth with products such as our garlic paste and fried garlic. In addition, our product range has even more to offer, namely numerous concentrates and extracts as well as garlic in oil.

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  • Bell Pepper

    The popular, vitamin-rich and crunchy vegetables, which have long since conquered the dining tables of our world, also offer a real taste experience as a spice. That's why you will find also products of this fruit in our assortment, such as our bell pepper paste and bell pepper concentrate.

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  • Spices

    Our range of products includes ginger-, bear's garlic-, chilli-, ginger-chili paste, ginger chilli paste, in oil soaked ingredients such as chili in oil, bear's garlic in oil or ginger in oil, as well as bear's garlic, ginger chilli, horseradish extract, Onionmax, Garlicmax and Bear's Garlicmax.

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